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Few Master Tips For Picking Colors in Designing High Performance Web-sites

When developing for the internet, 1 part of the design that requires exact deliberation is color. Choosing color without thought or know-how can dispirit users from the website. Deciding on the spot uncolored with thought and information

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The web Proxy

A web proxy acts as a channel between Two systems, most likely your computer and a web server. When you enter the url in the web proxy, it fetches the pages for you and shows.

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Free WordPress Themes & Skins Downloads

The following is a list of free WordPress Themes: compatible with your wordpress blog site Free to download .

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SEO Tips for Small Businesses

It will be easier for other companies and potential clients to find you if your site is well positioned. Hard work always wins at the end of the day. You are going to have to put effort in to achieve results. This means working at your SEO permanently. It needs to be maintained and continually updated.

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Free php Link Directory Templates (phpld)

The templates available on this site are designed to be used with the php Link Directory. Little or no scripting knowledge is required to install most of these templates on a standard install. However, Please understand that some templates may not work on certain versions of php Link Directory. Many of the templates on this site have been submitted by other 3rd party designers. If you have any question about a template, please direct your inquiries to the repectful designer.

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SEOmoz Page Strength Tool

Using the SEOmoz Page Strength Tool is an excellent way to determine how powerful a web page is in terms of search engine optimisation, to use it simply type in the domain of the page you would like to know the strength of and hit the get page strength button, the tool will then come back to you with a score of between 1 and 10, a score of 10 means that the page is very powerful and a score of 1 means that the page is very weak.

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Good SEO Strategies

SEO is not difficult but not easy either, there are some strict rules that you need to follow to rank well on the Search Engines. Many people say MSN is the easiest SE to rank for then comes Yahoo! and finally Google. The problem with google is that it values old pages too much, you can have a new very informative website but you will probably not be in the top 10 for your main keyword if it is a very competitive one.

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