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How to Know if you have Genital Warts

Date Added: December 25, 2008 01:08:15 PM
Category: Health: Health and Medicine Weblogs
In case you cannot get to a doctor right away for gential wart treatment but you fear you have warts, online resources can help you make that determination. Pictures and descriptions of signs and symptoms are available, as well as information about the cause of this condition.

All of this helps a person decide whether or not they may have genital warts. Of course, none of this help and advice can take the place of a qualified professional doctor, but it is one step towards receiving treatment.

Some of the genital warts signs that you might have include the obvious: you have been diagnosed already with HPV and you have small fleshy blemishes in your genital or anal area. They usually look similar to a pimple and are often a pink, grey, or white color.

Sometimes they appear in clusters, and they are either raised or flat. This can sometimes worry people unnecessarily, though. Therefore, try not to fret too much until you have been officially diagnosed.

However, that can be easier said than done. While waiting for your STD test date to come, you can continue to read about the characteristics of genital warts. Hopefully, doing this it will help you be proactive, rather than to continue to have anxiety about the possibility of having an STD.

When you continue to research the condition of genital warts, you will learn quite a bit about how you could be treated if you have it. If it turns out you really do have genital warts, there are several kinds of treatment options available.

Some of the most effective remedies can be applied right in your own home. One product that was rated the highest by one independent research lab is Wartrol. However, hopefully you will not even need to be treated, and if not hopefully you can remain safe if you are sexually involved.

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