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Traffic Generating Web Directories

Date Added: December 23, 2007 11:50:00 AM
Category: Computers & Internet: Web Directories

There are many Web Directories all over the web, many are made for Pay Per Click Revenue Generations, some are made for listing own websites and some for selling links.So, in short a webdirectory is obviously made for generating revenue out of it.

Now what is the use of getting listed in a Web Directory which does not give you back traffic and you get listed there only for the benefit of Page Rank? You can surely get page rank passed if listed in high PR web directories but there is nothing worth.

Better try to get listed in a web directory where you get targetted traffic and PR, now how does this web directory pass you targetted traffic?

If the web directory is ranking good for all the categories then it will obviously rank for the keywords visitors search for and when they come to the category landing pages they will find your listed website there, passing you a targetted visitor.

We have some quick examples for this :

Take this keyword “Stay Fit Always” which has a Google Competition of “8,690,000? and this website http://w ww.stayfitalways.com which is listed in Global Internet Directory under Diet & Weight Loss Category.

Now when you search for the keyword “Stay Fit Always” in Google the website listing entry is ranking at Number #6 out of “86,90,000? Results.

This way this website Listing can get targetted search results because of getting listed in a quality webdirectory optimised for many highly competitive keywords.

Another Web Directory which passes Traffic is the yahoo web directory, but the traffic comes only till the first 15 days of getting listed because the link is located on the top of the category and later it gets listed into the deep pages.

So,Next time when you plan to get listed on quality web directories try to get listed in “Traffic Generating Web Directories”

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