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Motorola W315 Mobile Phone Review

Date Added: December 22, 2007 01:09:21 PM
Category: Computers & Internet

The Motorola W315 is a cell phone that one that may be the prefect cell phone for the person who needs a more substantial pone to grasp as it is not the smallest or sleekest cell phone that Motorola makes weighing 4.06 ounces, this cell phone also has an antenna which while in some instances can be bothersome it also can be an aid making phone calls from hard to get reception areas.

This Motorola W315 comes with a unique look with its external rectangular display giving information such as battery life, the signal strength and caller ID that is a great feature without having to open the cell phone to find out who is calling. Some of the features that this Motorola W315 cell phone has are a phone book that holds up to five hundred numbers with room for up to six phone numbers for each entry and room for email addresses. This cell phone includes features such as voice dialing, text messaging, the ability to pair phone numbers in the phone book either in groups or with photos although this is not a camera cell phone.

There are also features like the voice memo recorder, a calendar and an alarm clock, along with a speakerphone feature. There is a vibrate mode and there is also several menu colors, wallpaper and color schemes that can be chosen along with sounds to help the Motorola W315 cell phone user to customize it making the cell phone have their personal touch as this cell phone is capable of 65,000 colors. This cell phone according to the manufacturer has an eight and a half hour talking life in a charge and 8.8 days of standby charge.

This Motorola W315 cell phone offers shortcut keys making use easy and has a backlight when dialing numbers with a large display, which is easy on the eyes. This is one cell phone that has great reviews by customers who are confident that this cell phone is capable of getting reception in areas that many cell phones can not receive a signal strong enough to call out.

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