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Most Important Feature of SEO

Date Added: March 03, 2009 01:06:28 PM
Author: ajit singh kalyan
Category: Blogs: Business
Generating more traffic to your website One of the most frequent questions thrown around the Internet by aspiring web masters is "How do I get more visitors to my site?" 1)    There is a lot of confusion among new web designers and developers regarding 'Search Engine Optimisation' techniques, some still believe that adding a few keywords in your meta tags is enough to bring your site to the top of Google's results. Obviously for the more seasoned web designers we know this is just not the case. For more details go to: www.the20seotools.com.So the purpose of this article is to give the newer designers a bit of information on the best methods of generating good traffic to your website through proven SEO techniques. Produce good content Would you visit a website for nothing? No you wouldn't and nor will your potential visitors. People will only be interested in your site if there is something that interests them i.e. information, free ware, blogs, services etc. Keywords 2)    Lets settle one myth right now. Adding your keywords in the meta tags of your site is NOT going to get you up the ladder. One way of helping your site is to choose the relevant keywords for your site, and reference them in your pages content in the and the title tags. For can visit to: www.offline-promotion.com.There are a lot of sites out there that offer keyword research and the best ones for your site and industry. Build links Get web masters of similar sites to link back to your website. Link building this is probably the most important aspect of SEO. People linking to your website tells the search engines that your site is more important, so more links you manage you gather to your website the better the search engines will rank you. Article Writing One of the easiest method of developing links is article writing. Write articles on a subject your are familiar with and submit the articles to a number of article submission websites with a link back to your site in the footer. By doing so you will not only share your link with the people that read your article, but anyone that uses your article for content on their site will keep the link in the article which will share out your link even further. A Google search will generate you enough sites to submit your articles to. The most important aspect of article writing (apart from writing something worth reading) is to insert your link in the footer. This needs to be inserted as a hyperlink. "http://www.seo-prediction.com"> "http://www.huge-niche-keywords.com"> This will ensure that anyone that uses your article for there website content will also be adding your link to their site. So lets talk numbers, if you write an article and submit it to 6 sites, lets say 2 people from each site use your article, that's 12 links back to your website from a 20 minute article. You can start climbing the search ranks very quickly with this method.
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