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Review: Nokia DT-22 Universal Tripod

Date Added: January 27, 2008 08:07:11 AM
Category: Computers & Internet: Mobile Computing

I will review the Nokia Universal Tripod DT-22. Now that our phones can handle exceptional pictures and video, it is almost a necessity to have something that will keep our phone steady to capture precious or random moments. Others have used home made do-it-yourself tripods, but the DT-22 makes sure your expensive cameraphone is officially secure in place (and look better). Exemple with Nokia n95 .

Note: All the pictures below are taken with the Nokia N95 and the Nokia N93.

Nokia DT-22 packaging

The Nokia DT-22 Universal Tripod consists of two parts: the legs and the adapter. Together, they make a portable tripod easy to carry around. If you already own bigger tripod, the adapter can be attached for more flexibility.

Nokia N95 on a bigger tripod with the DT-22 adapter.

The adjustable legs let you choose the perfect height. It is also great for adjusting on uneven surfaces. The legs also have a twisting lock and a pop-out to make sure the legs don’t fall unexpectedly. For added stability, the bottom of the legs consist of rubber so the tripod doesn’t slide on slippery surface.

The legs are adjustable for uneven surface.

Nokia DT-22 Tripod on slippery surface

The adjustable adapter ensures compatibility with several devices. When I first heard about the DT-22, I thought it was only made for the Nokia N93. From a previous post, I tried putting my Nokia N95 on and found out it fits just fine. On the bottom of the packaging it clearly says, “For the N95. N93, N80, N73, N72, N70, and other compatible devices.”

Nokia N93 on the Nokia DT-22 tripod

My brother’s Canon Powershot camera fit fine.

The Nokia DT-22 tripod is very useful! Don’t you hate it when you want to take a picture of your friends, but one will always be missing because someone has to take the picture? Using a tripod for video blogging is also great. Just lay the tripod on your desk and you are ready to be the next LonelyGirl15!

It is hard to find because not many sellers have it in stock. If you take a lot of pictures and videos on your Nokia Nseries phone, make sure to buy one now before they are totally gone

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