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The World Health Organization says that one-third of the world's population experience insomnia at some stage in their lives, with approximately five per cent needing medical treatment! To avoid medical intervention, try these natural techniques a

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Attain a Healthy Physique through Vitamin Water

Being physically fit will be in a long run, but trying to have vitamin water is truly a brilliant idea. Trying something better about your health will lead you to the fitness and stamina that you are longing for.

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Vitamin Water: New Craze for Fitness

Staying fit is no longer a problem especially now that vitamin water has come. The perfect fusion of vitamin and water makes this health drink the better alternative from other available beverages.

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10 Best Skincare Tips

Even though marketers would have us believe that miracles come in the form of pills and bottles, it just does not exist. Getting the paper smooth skin without pores through the latest fad is just not realistic. Our society is infatuated with the impossible and it is crazy.

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How to stop hair loss

Many of us face the problem of hair loss, due to many reasons such as not having proper diet, the external surroundings, pollutions etc. So we need to take a lot of care for preventing hair loss, & so let us see how to stop hair loss. First let us see what is the normal hair growth & hair loss cycle. The normal cycle of hair growth lasts for 2 to 6 years.

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How to take care of your skin

People always like to have a blemish free skin. But it is you who must take care of your skin in order to help your skin look the best it can. Tips for maintaining a healthy skin are as follows:

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